Excerpt from Ken Babstock’s Methodist Hatchet

Sky a motif of cowslip in clear ice,
mayflies make moon-dials of the flagstones.
One hawk. Second hawk. They were up there
earlier, as sand toads tacked from grass tuft to grass
tuft, up the pressed dune’s incline. Divots
under the pin oak.

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Ken Babstock will be reading at Concordia Monday, November 25 at 11AM in the John Molson Building (MB 2.130).

A Conversation with Ken Babstock

Karen Solie interviews Ken Babstock in Brick 87.

“I think about points in world history when new materials became part of what was driving the engine of an art, like when architecture latched on to glass, or when pop art latched on to plastic, or whatever, and they all had culturally different moods and strategies behind them, like high modernism had that kind of drive to utopian madness behind it. I don’t feel like I’m partaking in the same thing, but I was consciously aware that material was everywhere, that it is everything, there is nothing excluded by virtue of what it is” (Babstock on Methodist Hatchet).

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