Angular & Crabwise: a Reading with McKay and Dodds

Join Writers Read on Friday October 7th at 2pm (MB 2.130, 1450 Rue Guy) for our first event of the season, as we host Don McKay and Jeramy Dodds, two equally original poets, for a reading and discussion about writing poetry, winning poetry prizes, and speaking in the voices of Old Icelandic, bird songs, and stones.

“Over a span of more than forty years, Don McKay has been writing and publishing poetry and essays, his reputation and influence increasing with each passing year. McKay’s books have been recognized with many awards, including five nominations for the Governor General’s Award, winning twice, and three nominations for the Griffin Poetry Prize, winning once. His is the voice of a careful observer, a confiding and companionate voice that whispers “Look!” to the reader, pointing out the barely noticeable and rarely considered phenomena that underpin our short existence.” (Gooselane Editions)

Jeramy Dodds’ first collection of poems, Crabwise to the Hounds, won the Trillium Book Award for Poetry and was shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize. His poems have won the CBC Literary Prize and the Bronwen Wallace Memorial Award. He holds an MA in Medieval Icelandic Studies and his latest release is translations of the 13th Century Poetic Edda. “Dodds’ wasabi-infused free verse is sprinkled with its own odd Cat in the Hat magic, twisting familiar idioms into unexpected meditations while exploring the sublime potential of myth, metaphor, and the English language. Reading Dodds’ poetry, one is first struck by a sense of familiar smells, distilled universal moments; yet, his language stretches to the very edge of consciousness.” (Mark Vincenz)

Autumn 2016: Don Mckay & Jeramy Dodds

Don McKay & Jeramy Dodds, Friday October 7, 2pm, MB 2.130, 1450 Rue Guy.
McKay’s collected poems, Angular Unconformity was published in 2014 and he has won the Governor General’s Literary Award for poetry twice, for Night Field (1991) and Another Gravity (2000). Dodds’ most recent publication is a translation of the Poetic Edda (Coach House Books, 2014) from Old Icelandic into English. He is a poetry editor at Coach House Books.

“McKay displays an extraordinary capacity for submitting to and reveling in the musical phrases and cadences of language while never coming loose form meaning and sense.” Here McKay reads from Camber (2005).

“There is a psycholonic lexical energy here, deep intelligence and a serious commitment to craft.” Here Dodds read from Crabwise to the Hounds (2004).