Excerpt from Emma Donoghue’s ROOM

Come join us along with Concordia’s School of Canadian-Irish Studies on Tuesday October 8 for a public reading with Emma Donoghue. (7PM Henry F. Hall Building, 1455 De Maisonneuve W. Blvd.)

When she spits the second time it’s my go with Toothbrush, I scrub each my teeth all the way around. Ma’s spit in Sink doesn’t look a bit like me, mine doesn’t either. I wash them away and make a vampire smile.

“Argh.” Ma covers her eyes. “Your teeth are so clean, they’re dazzling me.”

Her ones are pretty rotted because she forgetted to brush them, she’s sorry and she doesn’t forget anymore but they’re still rotted.

I flat the chairs and put them beside Door against Clothes Horse. He always grumbles and says there’s no room but there’s plenty if he stands up really straight. I can fold up flat too but not quite as flat because of my muscles, from being alive. Door’s made of shiny magic metal, he goes beep beep after nine when I’m meant to be switched off in Wardrobe.

God’s yellow face isn’t coming in today, Ma says he’s having trouble squeezing through the snow.

“What snow?”

“See,” she says, pointing up.

There’s a little bit of light at Skylight’s top, the rest of her is all dark. TV snow’s white but the real isn’t, that’s weird. “Why it doesn’t fall on us?”

“Because it’s on the outside.”

“In Outer Space? I wish it was inside so I can play with it.”

“Ah, but then it would melt, because it’s nice and warm in here.” She starts humming, I guess right away it’s “Let It Snow.” I sing the second verse. Then I do “Winter Wonderland” and Ma joins in higher. We have thousands of things to do every morning[…]

Emma Donoghue’s Room Wins the University of Canberra Book of the Year Award

Popularity soars for Donoghue whose recent winning of the UC Book of the Year Award means her book will be read by 5000 staff and students of the Australian university. Upon winning the prize, Donoghue said “I’m immensely excited about Room being chosen as the University of Canberra Book of the Year, not only because it’s such a compliment to the novel, but because students – bringing all their enthusiasm to responding to a book, as well as their critical thinking – are perhaps my favourite audience to engage with.” Come engage with Ms. Donoghue on Oct. 10, 2013 at Concordia University (Hall Building 767, 7PM).

For more photos and information, see the following articleEmma Donoghue, shortlisted author for the 2011 Orange Prize for Fiction, poses with her novel Room at the Royal Festival Hall in London

Emma Donoghue & the Silver Screen

Word just out that Emma Donoghue’s best-selling novel Room is fated for the big screen and, lucky for us, Donoghue herself will be writing the script. Despite the fact that there is no trailer for the movie yet, take a look at this (cute) book trailer, courtesy of Indigo:

For more information on the movie, check out this article from The Slanted.

Emma Donoghue On Children

emma donoghue by joe ciardiello

With the announcement of Writers Read’s 2013/2014 lineup right around the corner, here is a link to a New York Times article in which one of our upcoming readers, Hughes & Hughes Irish Novel of the Year award winner Emma Donoghue, shares some thoughts on fiction and limitation, the child’s eye, and Captain Underpants.

 Illustration by Joe Ciardiello.