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Margaret Christakos is a force in the Toronto and national poetry scene since the early 1990s, Margaret Christakos is a widely published award-winning writer whose many books unfurl along tendrils of feminist, anti-racist, bisexual, serial proceduralist modalities. Recent titles include Multitudes, Her Paraphernalia: On Motherlines, Sex/Blood/Loss & Selfies, Social Medea vs. Virtual Medusa, and Space Between Her Lips: The Poetry of Margaret Christakos (Laurier Poetry Series). Two collections are forthcoming: charger (2020) and Dear Birch (2021). A Chalmers Arts Fellow and the recipient of numerous grants from the Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council, Christakos has an extensive teaching/mentoring practice as well as an inspired record of instigating creative literary encounters that bring together writers and artists of diverse aesthetics.

On Thursday, November 7th, SpokenWeb and the Mile End Poets’ Festival feature Margaret Christakos as part of a series of events on Deep Curation facilitated by PhD student Klara du Plessis from 1- 5:30 pm on campus.