“Our mother was baptized on a kerosene box, our father was baptized in a creek, & we were baptized in a plaster pool while turquoise ripples played around our feet & desert air poofed up to make the long black robe a nylon buffalo. It makes your underpants wet, said our brother. It’s strange to be on fire with sins. This is how the past begins: it is the year of the missile crisis; it is the year of Barbie & Ken. Mama studies ridges in her gloves, the congregation sings a hymn while out in the desert, the worm grows tall & nature is a mixed-up miracle.”

Click here to read the rest of Brenda Hillman’s “The Elements Are Mixed in Childhood,” a beautiful piece that should give you a taste of what to expect next Friday, March 27, 2015, when Hillman joins us with poet Robert Hass for a free public reading! The event will be held at 7 pm in room EV 1.605 (1515 St Catherine Street) Seating is first come, first serve so get there early!

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