Writers Read in collaboration with the CURC in media studies is very excited to announce the details of a public talk with author and artist Nick Thurston, who will joining us at Concordia University on Wednesday, November 12 at 12:30 in Room LB 646.

Nick Thurston has exhibited across Europe and North America and his critical writings on art and poetics have been translated into French, german, italian and spanish. Thurston is the author of two books, one chapbook, and co-author of two pocketbooks. His most recent work, Of the Subcontract, is a collection of poems about computational capitalism, each of which was written by an underpaid worker subcontracted through’s Mechanical Turk service. Reducing the poetic imagination to exploited labour and elevating artificial intelligence to the status of the poetic, Of the Subcontract explores the contemporary changes that are reforming every kind of work, each day more quickly, under the surface of life.

See you there!

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